If you believe that we are the sum total of our life’s experience and that as with destiny, if you work hard enough, and long enough, and remain true to your convictions that one day you will be where you are supposed to be, then you too will understand why the name Derrick Rutledge is at the top of the list of Who’s Who in the entertainment industry.  It is not by chance that Derrick is the former premier make-up artist to former First Lady Michelle Obama and current make-up artist to legendary mogul Oprah Winfrey.  In Western civilization the word luck has been used to represent good fortune or the result of chance or happenstance.  Eastern civilization goes even further to combine natural elements of chance with those of preparation and recognizes that the combination of the two is the per-fect ingredient for success.


With the stroke of a brush and the eye of a master Derrick Rutledge has claimed his place as a premier Make-up Artist. His art has graced the faces of the legendary and the aspiring alike, creating undeniable looks for the celebrity and unforgettable moments for the everyday.  Derrick continues to exert extraordinary influence over the beauty industry as a whole (his signature eyebrows, face contouring and light, airy, skin-like make-up foundation applications). 

Derrick Rutledge About Face (DRAF LLC) is a for profit company founded by Derrick Rutledge in 1993.  As founder of DRAF, Derrick has assembled a team of cosmetic all-stars who are at the ready to jet across the world to meet the needs of the most discriminating and iconic personalities today.  These all-stars come to DRAF with their own list of clientele as well as take on the role of servicing Derrick’s building list of clientele.  Each member is selected and trained personally by Derrick on his techniques and methods.  Our mission is to transform the mundane to the amazing through education, superior products and unmatchable services and beauty industry insights.


is a multimedia imaging force of beauty alchemists who are experts on the elements of beauty imagery and wellness, offering its services to established celebrities and high profile clients in various industries, as well as offering services to up and coming celebrities in the entertainment industry in television, music, print and film.   DRAF also specializes in long-term contracts, seminars and corporate training with a focus on image definition, development and achievement.

The DRAF LLC team of beauty experts operates collectively offering “end-to-end” image services to celebrities and high profile clients through individual consultancies and public seminars.  The services include hair and make-up, clothes and accessories, identity creation, launching, maintenance and “reinvention”.  DRAF LLC focuses on delivering services that enhance exposure, as well as marketability, of celebrities and high profile clients while improving the client’s overall appearance and quality of life.

- Products -

Derrick Rutledge has created product lines for skin care, hair care, body care, baby care and household care.  These products along with a tested complementary program help women find their own aesthetic vision for herself; her family, their wellness and health.



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