Since 1964, the Black Student Fund (BSF) has provided financial assistance and support services to Washington, DC metropolitan area African-American students, grades pre-kindergarten to 12, and their families. BSF-assist students to stay in school, graduate high school with distinction and enter college. 70% of these students are from one-parent households. Many are the first generation to progress to higher education.

Established to racially desegregate the independent schools of the National Capital area, the Fund serves as an advocate for all black children and strives to assure that black students and their families have equal access to every educational opportunity.



The Black Student Fund (BSF) provides essential advocacy, academic and retention support to academically motivated African American and other underserved students to facilitate their access, admission and successful matriculation and graduation from member schools.  BSF partners with member schools to provide financial assistance, as well as instruction, evaluations, feedback and monitoring necessary to facilitate the creation and maintenance of a supportive and responsive environment.


Zuri is 11 years old and she is in the 5th grade. She is smart, confident and as cute as a button. When Zuri grows up she wants to major in science and become an entomologist. I am opening my heart and making a commitment to help Zuri be the best human being that she can be. I want to help give her the type of education that she deserves as well as provide positive experiences that she'll need to develop and grow into an amazing human being and citizen.

Under the BSF Fund a Scholar program, I am adopting her for the next 8 years. That is, she won't be living with me, but I will be doing my absolute best to support her school efforts financially as well as keep a close watch on her academic achievements and personal development. 

As you all know, I am constantly on the road with Oprah and believe that my association with her is by design. We all have our personal road to travel and life lessons to learn. I have seen so much of this world – the good and the bad – and what I have learned and observed in watching and being with one of the most influential and affluent human beings on the planet, is that what's important, truly important, is not how much money you have or your zip code.

In the news we hear the bad stuff all the time – crime is on the rise; drug addiction; lack of respect towards fellow citizens and the like. Well, there are great kids out there doing great things who are just waiting to step into their greatness. These kids need to be supported and heralded. The Black Student Fund has been a vanguard for this cause for over 50 years yet they struggle each year to raise funds for these deserving kids. BSF needs help in order to help our kids.

Please open your big heart too. I am asking my friends, family and professional colleagues to help me fund Zuri's education through high school. I am making a commitment for the next 8 years and I hope you can too, but if you cannot please help me support part of her education. It costs $1200.00 dollars each year to support Zuri. Give what your heart says. Give what you can. Your donation will go a long way in helping Zuri and others like Zuri achieve their greatness. Thank you!

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For over 50 years, BSF's comprehensive programs have helped underserved students achieve success at local independent schools.  BSF scholars and families have benefited tremendously from donations.  These donations have helped create new programs like BSF STEM, provided over $60,000 in tuition assistance scholarships to Scholars in just two years, and helped 99% of BSF High School Seniors successfully graduate and attend competitive colleges and universities.  With the demand for our services higher than ever, donations to BSF will continue  helping students such as ZURI gain educational access.