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You’ve worked hard to create your image and by now you understand that it’s a process…a journey.  Although Derrick is best known for beating face (and beating it mercifully!), there are so many nuances and techniques that lead to his masterpieces.  Come join the Maestro of Face in this master class that will coach and lead you down the road to Perfecting Your Presence.  You will learn not only how to contour, emphasize or de-emphasize certain features of your face to present the image you want to present to the world, but what the totality of perfecting your presence really means to someone like FLOTUS and Oprah Winfrey.  And more importantly, what it should mean to you.  Derrick will teach you, guide you and walk you through make-up application offering tips and insightful information on perfecting your presence for the formal affairs in your life as well as the image you wish to convey daily.



A day of Perfecting Your Presence will be a hands-on session with Derrick Rutledge, one of the world’s leading beauty experts, who will instruct you on proven techniques that work in the boardroom, bedroom and even brunch with the girls!!!  Each of you will get the opportunity to make-up your faces during the session using techniques you’ve learned from Derrick as well as receive real time critique that will serve as the foundation for creating a confident and well put together you.  Come ask the questions you’ve never been able to ask before of a superstar make-up artist.  Come hear some of the anecdotal stories and encounters he’s had with some of the stars he’s worked with.  Come see a true genius in action…up close and personal.


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PYP ATLANTA GEORGIA | This Class Has Concluded


  • DATES:  Saturday AUGUST 19, 2017 - AUGUST 20, 2017
  • 2 DAY HANDS ON INTENSIVE  CLASS Includes Continental Breakfast & Lunch.

Upon conclusion of workshop on August 19 each participant will take a professional "After" photo with Derrick Rutledge.


While it seemed everyone and their mother was in New York to witness Sam Fine and Renny Vasquez on the same stage, I was in Washington D.C. to see none other than Derrick Rutledge. I wasn't sure what to expect from the class but I definitely got more than I bargained for, but I'll get to that later.  If you don't know (which I'm hoping you already do if you read my blog) who Derrick Rutledge is, he is an amazing makeup artist who has graced faces such as Oprah Winfrey, Patty LaBelle, and countless other celebrities with his signature look. So when I saw the opportunity to take a class with him AND in DC (seems like we always have to go to NY for the best classes) I knew I had to be in the place.

The class was more intimate than I thought, seeing as though there were less than 25 participants.
There was a mix of makeup artists (both aspiring and pro), hair stylists, and just real women who wanted to know how to do their own face.

There was a special guest once we arrived. Who might you ask? None other than the makeup godfather Mr. Reggie Wells. YES GIRL REGGIE WAS THERE. He came to surprise Derrick and support him, and to everyone's surprise (including Derrick's) he stayed the entire time.

The Class was broken down into 5 sections

  • Skincare with board certified and licensed dermatologist Dr. Lisa Ginn
  •  High level overview of instructional manual
  • Lunchtime discussion with Style and Fashion Editor from ESSENCE Magazine Pamela Edwards Christiani
  • Hands on Demo and makeup application
  • Photoshoot


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